Phonebooks and Internet!



When I started my first business in the early 1980’s there was one phonebook distributed in Yuba City, California. In that phonebook, I could purchase one of several options that would increase my businesses level of exposure to anyone who viewed the page where my business was displayed. I analyzed my budget for phonebook advertising and purchased accordingly. By the end of 2000 there were three phonebooks distributed in Yuba City, all of which said their distribution to the community was better than the other. Now, in 2017, there are two and they have less content than ever before.


Now we have the Internet! It’s in our office and homes and it travels with us. We may have it on our desktop, laptop, pad, and phone. It’s in our pockets, on our TV’s, and even in our bedrooms. We can’t escape it.

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Does Your Small Business Need to Advertise on the Internet?

Internet companies are doing all they can to convince you that you are missing opportunities to grow your business if you are not using them to promote you. They have teams of marketers who are working hard to create a “message” that will convince you of a benefit that may not there for your business. They use examples of business owners who succeed using their services, but what they don’t tell you is how many business owners have used their services without success. Not that they are lying or don’t provide the service they market, but whether it will be a success for your small business — well, that is unknown. Before you decide to pay for any services that are offered, you must consider the risk.


Do you want views on your web site, clicks on an advertisement, or more customers?

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